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Our Company

Imperial Design is a full-service interior designer and decorator that specializes in commercial, residential and office spaces . For the past 3 years , we have been striving to make our designs unique as the clients we deal with. We are simply the best when it comes to finding a one-stop service without additional vendor management. We strategies by planning the outcome of the end result.

Our Designer

I have studied Interior Design at the INFD and have worked in various sectors like residential, retail, hospitality, and industries. These interests and experiences became a ladder to take me to the next level in preparation of my eponymous brand. Our designs brings a series of innovative yet subtle aesthetics with a focus on personalization to celebrate uniqueness.


We conscientiously work for the well being, safety and health of other people with empathy and comassion.


We speak with truthfulness and sincerity, acting with honesty and fairness


We  stay true to the company and each other in good and bad times

Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions
Our Core Values
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